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ITunes “Just Doesn’t Work”

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I use lots of different software programs all day long.  At any time, I’m probably using at least 6 programs.  And during the course of a day, I probably use 8 or 10.  Without a doubt, the program that fails the most often is iTunes.  So, it floors me that Apple is successful with it’s marketing campaign that “It just works.”

I’m not even doing anything weird with it.  I have no jail-broken iPhones or anything like that.

So, to all you people who get frustrated with your Windows machine, think twice before you buy into the idea that Macintosh products work without hassle.  If anything, the assumption that it all works well makes it more difficult to find solutions when there is a problem.


Written by Jack Umano

February 16, 2011 at 6:15 pm

Posted in Technology

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  1. […] you might have guessed after my rant about iOS slowness and my rant about iTunes bugginess, I have decided to ditch my iPhone and go with Android.  I just got a “Nexus S” and am […]

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