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Mac or PC 2011

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Recently, I was asked by someone whether they should buy a PC or a Mac. Wow. This charged question has ranked up there with Republican or Democrat. Beatles or Stones. Red Pill or Blue Pill.

Personally, I like PCs. This article is for non-technical people who might still be making this decision for the first time.

Apple seems to take the position that things should be done their way. If you don’t want to do things their way, then Apple doesn’t care
about you.  Apple has a very “locked in” feeling.  You have very few choices.  This goes for the way software works as well as what
hardware is available.

I like that I have an HP monitor and a Dell monitor both hooked up to my PC.  My speakers are made by another company called Altec Lansing.
My mouse is made by 3M and my keyboard is made by a company called Goldtouch.  I have selected all the components based on what’s
important to me.  With Apple, you buy the Apple mouse, the Apple keyboard, and the Apple monitor.  If you don’t like they way they work
– tough, Apple has decided what is good. (Actually, there are components made for macs, but they are crazy expensive and companies are forever chasing Apple’s unilateral decisions on the way things should connect – but let’s not get too far into it.)

I have recently replaced my Apple iPhone.  Again, I didn’t like being locked into the Apple software called iTunes to manage the music
that’s stored on the phone.  With my new Android phone, I can use whatever software I want to manage my music.  My old iPhone only allowed me to use the applications that they approve on the phone (seriously! it’s in the End User License Agreement). They enforce this by only allowing software to be loaded through iTunes.  Oh, and they get a 30% cut when I buy software (not really fair to the people who wrote the software). With my new phone, I can put whatever software I want on it.

Of course, many people like living in the “Apple universe”.  Apple makes quality products.  If you don’t have strong opinions on what you
want, then the stuff they make is probably good enough for most purposes.

Here is a comparison I found online that seems fair:


Written by Jack Umano

March 29, 2011 at 2:41 pm

Posted in Technology

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