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3 Keys to Understanding Google+ Circles

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So, you’re coming from Facebook and figuring out Google+.  The key feature to wrap your head around is “Circles”.

1. “Circles” are lists of people you follow

It would have been more intuitive if they had called them “Lists of people whose posts you follow.” (Not catchy, I know).  A circle is not a group that everyone joins. The people you add to your circle are sent a message that you added them.  But, they are simply being informed that you are following their posts.

2. Others don’t “accept” being in your circle

Again, keep in mind: A circle is just a list of people whose posts you are following.  When you make a circle, other people find out that you are following them but they don’t have to accept anything.  You are not asking them to join something.  You are only following their posts.

3. You use “Circles” to define who sees your posts

This is the other use of Circles: When you post something, you can use your circles to define who gets to see that post.  So, let’s say you have circles called “Family”, “Friends”, and “Acquaintances”.  You might post pictures of your pregnant wife and allow people in your “Family” circle to see them.  You might post pictures of your cute dog and allow all 3 circles to see them.

It’s worthwhile to note that others don’t know the name of your circles.  Jack might have you in a circle called “Friends”.  But, you could have him in a circle called, “People I pretend to like”.

Most other parts of Google+ are easy to understand.  Have fun!


Written by Jack Umano

July 19, 2011 at 3:00 pm

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