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Why I’m leaving Facebook for Google+

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I submit this as one more in a string of people saying similar things.  I admit that my knowledge here is given to me by various media organizations.  But, nevertheless, it is how I feel:


Facebook started as a company that allowed people to share stuff with their friends.  They gradually changed their policies each year to make all the info that you put into it as public as possible.  They didn’t tell people they were going to do this.  They just did and gave you a complex series of settings to get back to what they originally provided.
Then, they continually opt people into “sharing” functions.  They never let you an opt-in to new functions because they don’t build the sharing stuff for you.  They build it so they can push people into sharing more.  The more people share, the more money they make.


Face book was caught hiring a PR firm to try to create bad press for other companies.  (See the article here)
FB created ways to import yahoo and gmail contacts and then made it impossible to export your contacts and impossible for you to import your contacts to gmail.  They take advantage of other companies openness and then try to lock everyone in.
I’m out.  You’ll find me on Google Plus.  Here’s my profile… Jack Umano on Google Plus


Written by Jack Umano

September 28, 2011 at 5:35 pm

Posted in Technology

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