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Flags Only Create Division

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I never liked flags.

I love my country – as much as one should love their country.  It’s a land with borders and government and the people I love live here.  It has an ideology that I prefer.

But, when I see our flag, it doesn’t make me feel all warm and tingly inside.  It mostly reminds me of world struggles and foreign policy mistakes.  It reminds me of all the people that hate our country and how they use a flag to symbolize it.  Sure, I know that some use it as a symbol of loving our country but really, they mean, “I love my country more than theirs.”  Flags are simply divisive.  It’s all about my country versus yours.

When people wave the flag, they perpetuate the feeling that our land is different and our people are different.  Flag wavers are proclaiming to the world that their exclusive club is the best.  When I cross the border to another country, the land looks about the same.  The people in other countries all want to love and be loved.  Those “foreigners” want to be happy and work at their jobs and raise their kids.

The only use I can see for a flag is as a sort of “profile picture” to use as a short hand for labeling things.  (Like maybe labeling boxes for shipping).

But, don’t make me stand and pledge allegiance to the flag.  Everyone knows – that bit of brainwashing was written by Bellamy who was just trying to sell flags!  (

Flags are for boats.  They allow a sailor to see (from far away) who owns a boat.  They’re simply labels.   That’s all they should be.


Written by Jack Umano

May 9, 2012 at 6:43 pm

Posted in Philosophy

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