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Music DRM – I thought that was gone!

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musical_noteEveryone thinks Google’s music service offers music that has no DRM.  But, apparently not.

DRM is the software that stops you from sharing the files with other people.  It forces you to identify who you are before being allowed to use the file.

I simply wanted to buy a piece of music for me and family members to listen to.  You know – people in my household.  Like, if I bought a CD, we could each listen to it.  I specifically went to Google Play to buy it because I was told their music has no DRM.  I thought we could each put the songs on our phones.  But, when trying to upload the music to another family members Google Play Music account, I get a message telling me I cannot because the song was,

song was purchased with another google play account

What?  So, there actually is DRM built in to prevent me from sharing the file.  Maybe I should go back to (ugh) iTunes.  At least with iTunes, I could plug in multiple devices and have everyone in my family access the same music.


Written by Jack Umano

January 7, 2014 at 8:40 am

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